We improve health for people with chronic conditions by connecting them with telephone registered nurses between doctor visits, helping to avoid complications.

Our Team

Chelsea Pruett PN

Director of Operations

Chelsea brings a wealth of clinical and technology experience to CircleLink, including 5 years of nursing followed by 4 years building Intrigma (ER scheduling software) from 4 employees to over 20 as Operations Director. She is passionate about bridging the gap between the doctors' office and ongoing wellness management using technology and a human touch. Outside the office, she's an active member of the Junior League.

Constantinos Kakoushias

Integrations Developer

Constantinos loves working on impactful projects with global reach, using software and other tools. He is also a Music Composer and a Theologist.

Joe Reddock

Director, Sales and Implementations

Joe brings 6 years of sales experience to CirlceLink Health, including 5 at ZocDoc (online Physician scheduling platform) where he focused on new business and client retention. In his free time, Joe enjoys snowboarding, fishing, and watching the Yankees!

Michael Ikechi

Software Developer

Michael enjoys working with teams to create and deploy simple, efficient solutions to impactful problems. When not working, he mentors in local tech communities (Nigeria) and and enjoys music, playing the piano, and philosophy. You can find his writings on life, its problems and possible solutions at https://medium.com/@mykeels

Michalis Antoniou

Lead Software Developer

Michalis has a passion for building useful software that solves real world problems and is always excited to expand his skillset. He also plays bass.

Penina Krieger

Research/Analytics Intern

Experience with Matlab, Python, R. Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Princeton University. Attending University of Cambridge as Gates Scholar.

Raphael Anstey

CEO and Co-Founder

Raph brings 8 years of finance and technology experience to CircleLink Health, including 4 years in software-based trading and 3 years in investment banking at Lazard (20+ growth deals closed). He also is an avid skier and surfer.

Sara Heller

Community Manager

Sara has spent the last decade managing communities for companies such as Uber and Udemy. When not working Sara hones her pop culture knowledge, devotes time to animal rescue organizations, and indulges her love of travel.

Our Advisors

Scott Lewis Schissel MD, PhD

Dr. Schissel is chief of medicine at Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital and a part-time instructor at Harvard Medical School. He is board certified in critical care medicine, internal medicine and pulmonary disease, has authored over 20 peer-reviewed publications and has been named to the annual list of the Best Doctors in America.

Gregory Taylor II, MD

Dr. Taylor is the Medical Director and an Asst. Professor at Keck Medicine-USC. An internal medicine physician with a sub-specialty in geriatrics, he works with patients in the areas of wellness, hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, memory loss and falls. He is the recipient of the Dr. Marvis S. Thompson Award for Excellence in Geriatrics, and was named the 2008 Erickson/HRSA Fellow for Leadership, among other awards.

Jonathan Katz

Jonathan has 20 years' healthcare industry experience as both a Healthcare IT consultant and co-founder and President Emeritus of CircleLink Health. He previously worked at Oracle and also was CIO of AIM, a B2B software company sold for a 20x return on invested capital. Jonathan developed his passion for using technology to address Healthcare while designing the Community Health Information Networks (CHINs).

Joseph Anstey

Josey founded and sold enterprise software firm AIM (where he met Jonathan) for a 20x return on invested capital. Previously, Josey led IRI's northeast business, growing sales from $3 million to $40 million in four years.

Jeffery Berman MD

Jeffrey is an attending physician (Cardiology) at St. Vincent’s Medical Center and the former president of the American Heart Association’s southwest Connecticut chapter. He also served on St. Vincent’s medical executive committee from 2001 to 2006 and was an assistant clinical professor of medicine at Columbia University from 1998 to 2007. He has held the same title at UConn since 2007.

Ronald Pion MD

Dr. Pion is a clinical professor at UCLA Medical School and has been involved in interactive electronic programming for health care professionals and patients for 40+ years, including the pioneering of television- and radio-based patient education programs. He’s particularly focused on patient education, disease prevention and health promotion.